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Total Monthly Rent ₹ 23,000

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Elburz, Hills & Dales, Undri, Pune

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"the building is not clean and doesnt do proper pest control so you get lot of cockroaches at your flat. Flat is okay, but because the building is not clean and does any pest control, it has lot of cockroaches and even if you do pest control, it will not work more than few days. Landlord is so rude and cunning, he will try to dominate you - ask me to go out for anything I asked that he did not like. He kept his old car in our car park, saying he will scrap it soon, but he kept there for an year. Another incident is that his AC was damaged before we get the flat, and he asked me to get someone to fix it, and did that but that was not repairable, and he did not give a single money on that. He delayed deposit refund for couple of months after I left - I had to ask multiple times to get anything, that too he deducted 25k with no major damage, with no calculation provided - he used that house for 5 years and he gave it to me without painting or anything. When I asked for any bill items for what he spend for that 25k, he told me that he spent more than 30k - but we never did any major damage other than issues wear and tear after the usages. The only major one was a thread was broken for a window blind, which I asked to shop to fix it they mentioned INR 500 only - luckily I did not repair it for him otherwise I would have lost that money too. Never ever trap yourself into this flat."