Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Always Review Your Apartment?

Consider it as appraisal of your rental stay experience. Good rental stay experiences must be rewarded with positive reviews and bad experiences must be brought to notice. Tenants, while inspecting the property before renting, may miss out many important parameters at the first glance. Also, there are some parameters like power and water supply, general freedom of staying in the apartment which tenants get to know only after moving into the property. Reviews eliminate this information gap by bringing tenants on a common page and encourage them to share their experience. The purpose is to bring more transparency in the renting ecosystem.

How Do I Know If Reviews Are Genuine?
Rentbaba reviews are posted by the tenants and we don’t compromise of the authenticity of reviews. Each and every review is subject to scrutiny and are removed if found not genuine. Also, we don’t promote any builder or society with positive reviews for promotions. More over, one can report any review to us on
How Do I Search For Reviews

Click on the search review header on top of the home page and the search panel would appear. 

Search Review Header
User can start filtering the search results using the different fields available. The fields must be entered from left to right however only ‘city’ field is mandatory. So user can just enter the city and search for reviews in the corresponding city.
Search Apartment Fields
How Do I Post Review?

Through the post review section on home page. Tenants just need to enter the apartment details and rate the apartment on the parameters from 1-5 with 5 being the best rating an 1 being the worst rating. A more detailed process overview can be found on

What Parameters Are Used For Rating The Apartment/House?
We’ve identified three major categories which combined make up for the rental experience- Landlord, Apartment/Housing Society and The House/Flat. Furthermore, different parameters are assigned for these categories. Wish can be found in the review snapshot below.
Can I Post A Review While I am Still Staying In The Apartment?
Yes you certainly can. We believe that staying for more than a month in the apartment gives sufficient understanding of the overall experience to be shared with others.
Can I Edit My Review After Posting?
As of now, this facility has not been provided online. However we are building this capability and will integrate soon. Till then, if you want to change or edit your review please get in touch with us on
Can I Contact Other Tenants Over Rentbaba?
No. The reviews are anonymous and we have a very strict policy of no data sharing. So we don’t reveal who shared the review.
Can I Post Review Anonymously?
Yes, in fact all the reviews are anonymous.
Can I write multiple reviews?
Yes. However we have algorithm to identify genuine reviews so multiple reviews would go through those scrutiny. But all genuine multiple reviews are accepted.
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