Everything You Should Check Before Signing a Rent Agreement

Rent agreement is the only document that binds the tenant and landlord in a legal agreement during tenancy. Usually, there is a standard format of the agreement which brokers use as a template and change the details of the parties and the terms of the agreement. While acknowledging that brokers are experts in preparing rent […]

The Pros and Pros of New Model Tenancy Law Proposal

What is the New Model Tenancy Act? Union Finance minister Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman, in her budget speech this year had proposed to revamp the archaic tenancy law. In her proposal, she intended to help both the landlords and the tenants and create a better renting ecosystem. It includes setting up of Rent Authority, Rent Court […]

How To Effectively Re-negotiate Your House Rent For An Extension

House rent re-negotiation is a critical process once you have already spent at least a year in your current apartment and are contemplating to extend your stay. It’s important because your landlord would rightfully expect an increase in rental income, however a good negotiation optimises the value of the rental expense for tenants. Here’s a […]

Must Have Checklist Before Moving into Rental Apartment

Finding a house for rental stay in Indian metro cities is a challenging task. There are some essential parameters on which the apartment must be evaluated before finalising. Based on these parameters we have collated a must have checklist for tenants and renters before availing a rental stay or moving in a PG. •Allocate a […]